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Thursday, February 6, 2014

30 College Girl Essentials!

Hey everyone! With school starting, I've been thinking about what to wear on campus. I love to dress stylishly, but comfort is definitely a top priority. Walking across campus all day, it's obviously not practical to wear heels (which I would love to do). And when you're waking up early you don't have time to put a lot of thought into an outfit. I put together a list of clothes that will give you a great amount of possibilities during the school week. Versatility for these pieces is key, because us college girls need as much bang for our buck as possible!
  1. White Button Down Shirt Timeless. Effortless. Beyond versatile! Choose one that has a unique touch to it, whether it be embroidery or textured fabric. 
  2. Black Jeans The most worn out pair of pants in my closet! When I wake up with no inspiration for a stylish outfit, I throw these bad boys on. Slimming and sexy, pair it with a silky cami or an oversized button down for a relaxed look. They are the perfect canvas for any outfit!
  3. Destroyed Denim Can't get enough of these! Instant cool factor. Get them a little baggy and throw on a plain tank, lots of jewelry, and some killer wedges. 
  4. Maxi Skirt For the boho-babe in all of us. You can't go wrong with a crop top and maxi! Classic black is a great option, I got mine with a slit in the side to add some sex appeal. 
  5. Printed Blouse Get a loud, fun print to bring the pop to an otherwise boring outfit. Throw on a tailored blazer for a polished look, or pair with a bold colored skirt to steal everyone's attention. 
  6. Plaid Shirt 90's grunge-tastic.This shirt always makes a come back! Wear it solo, layer over a vintage tee, tie it around your waist, or button it up halfway and wear it as a skirt. LOVE IT
  7. White t-shirt Confession time! I am a TOTAL white shirt hoarder. But everyone should be, the white tee is a classic for a reason! You have that beautiful printed skirt that has all kinds of color and intricacy in it. What better match is there than a white tee? And who is your fave pair of jeans best friend? I could dedicate an entire post to ways to wear this piece. I probably will...hmm....
  8. Slinky Cami Having a silky sexy top is totally necessary. Get one in a light and dark color. Perfect for date night with the boo, or make it casual by pairing it with some denim cutoffs. 
  9. Fitted Black Skirt The working woman's staple. Actually, any woman! I love my black skirt so much, it's been with me everywhere from night clubs to job interviews. 
  10. Black Leggings Some days, I just don't want to wear pants. Those are usually also the days it is way too cold to wear a skirt. Leggings come to the rescue! Make sure you get a thick pair, I've wasted money on so many see through ones! Leggings are super versatile too. Try an oversized sweater with heeled ankle boots, or a flowy blouse and strappy sandals. Endless possibilities. 
  11. Blazer We are working women, after all! Wear it to work or throw it over jeans and a tee for an undone-polished look. 
  12. LBD My love for the little black dress is undying. I have a couple, one is body con and the other is fitted at the top with a flared short bottom. When selecting an LBD, pick one you can picture styling in various ways. Both of mine could easily be dressed down with a braided belt around the waist, jean jacket, and floppy hat. 
  13. LWD Another essential dress is the little white dress. From Coachella to cocktail parties, you just can't go wrong. I love wearing my LWD with bright colored ankle strap heels and gold jewelry.  
  14. Colored Tanks Another piece I have a million of! You can get these for a pretty cheap price at any store. Layer button up shirts over them, or use them under sheer blouses. Possibilities are endless!
  15. Leather Moto Jacket They go with anything! Instantly toughen up any outfit. Jeans and a tee, typical. Add a leather jacket, fabulous!
  16. Go-to Party Dress When I think party dress, I think fitted top and voluminous bottom in a bright color. Everyone needs one, they will come in handy more times than you'd think!
  17. Utility Jacket Tomboy chic. I like to wear mine with a mini skirt and coordinating crop top. 
  18. Worn-in denim shorts Like fine wine, they get cooler with age. I have waaaay too many pairs of denim shorts. You can literally wear them with anything. A blazer, heels, and conservative cut blouse make them a great way to spice up business wear. 
  19. Graphic Tee Band logo, cheeky saying , crazy print, whatever! I love my graphic tees juxtaposed tucked into a business-y skirt. 
  20. Printed Pants / Shorts Probably my favorite for when I am super lazy. They do all the work for you! Let the pants / shorts be the center of your outfit, and style the rest simply with a neutral top and layer some understated jewelry. 
  21. Black Heels Obviously I can't live without my black heels! Make those legs look long and sexy in any outfit you wear!
  22. Nude Heels For the days your outfit needs a bit more polish, but the shoes gotta stay understated. A nude heel is a great investment because they stay low-key but make you look so put together!
  23. Cute Sandals Time to let the flip-flops go ladies! Some strappy sandals will go far with your wardrobe!
  24. Sneakers I'm not talking about the clunky running shoes your parents made you wear to school as a kid. Look for some fun ones! Platform, wedge, printed, embellished!
  25. Black or Tan boots Here is one I would definitely say put some money into. A good pair of leather boots will last you forever, and you will never get tired of them. 
  26. Fun Flats Obvi you can't wear heels every day! So having a pair of comfy and super cute flats is completely necessary! 
  27. Statement Necklace Spice up any outfit with one of these babies! Wear it with a white tee, coated skinnies, and bold heels for an effortlessly chic look. 
  28. Oversized Sunnies Sweats and a tank are a yawn. Throw your hair in a bun, exchange the sweats for some tailored track paints, add heels, throw on the sunnies and BOOM. Instant off-duty celeb. 
  29. Structured Bag Destroyed skinnies and a tee look so much more put together with a structured bag.
  30. Smaller Bag for Events Get one that has some great detailing, like a pattern, embellishment, or a pop of color! Your LBDs will thank you!

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